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2017 Company Offsite at Horseshoe Resort

Our annual offsite is an event that brings our entire company together for 2 days of insightful presentations, exciting team activities, and great food.

This year’s offsite took us to Horseshoe Resort in Barrie, Ontario, where we hosted yet another record number of AppCentrican’s and reviewed our successes from this past year.

During our 2-day offsite at Horseshoe Resort, we discussed AppCentrica’s strategic roadmap, the development and growth of our Salesforce practice, and shared learnings from recently completed projects. A highlight of the presentations was Henrique’s (one of our senior developers) workshop on agile games – which took the group through a team-based challenge that leveraged Agile/Scrum development principles.

Two AppCentricans designing cardboard boats

As usual, the offsite was more than just presentations. Our first team activity challenged us to create boats out of cardboard and duct tape. Each team has to design their vessel, make it sea-worthy, and select a fearless crew to cross Horseshoe’s man-made lake. Some crews were more successful than others. Out of 6 crews, only two made it across without sinking. Overall, Juliana and Andrew Reid were able to make it across the lake the fastest (and the driest), though Mais and Jessica Ooi were a close second.

AppCentricans constructing cardboard boats

A cardboard boat taking on water

Two AppCentricans paddle their coardboat boat

From there we dried off and enjoyed a company dinner at Il Buco Restaurant in downtown Barrie. Afterwards it was only a short walk to Tribeca Whiskey and Scotch bar for after dinner drinks. Surprising no-one, Farah and Patrick yet again did an amazing job arranging food & drinks for the offsite.

The next day, our final team activity was a company-wide game of paintball. We took to the woods surrounding the resort and broke up into teams. Paintball ended up being the perfect activity to cap-off the offsite and blow off some steam after a day of presentations.

A big thank you to Farah and Patrick for organizing yet another fantastic offsite. This was another great event because of your tireless efforts.


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