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Acuity Ads


  • Media
  • Technology

Project Features

  • Sales Cloud org merge
  • Custom reports and dashboards
  • Pardot

Project Outcomes

  • Data migration
  • Improved insight through reports and dashboards

About Acuity Ads

AcuityAds is a technology company that enables marketers to connect intelligently with their most meaningful audiences through digital media. Their platform offers transparency on costs and brand safety, real-time reporting and analytics.


In late 2017 Acuity Ads acquired Visible Measures Corp. Both organizations were already using Sales Cloud and Pardot but had different business requirements, processes, and customizations. The Acuity management team decided it was vital they move to a single platform for sales and marketing needs. The end goal was simple – combine the best aspects of both instances – but building out the necessary data architecture proved to be a challenge. Additionally, management could not easily report on a holistic sales pipeline and mandated that the data migration take place as soon as possible to minimize loss of business functionality.


AppCentrica analyzed the current business processes of both Acuity Ads and Visible Measures Corp to gain a better understanding of each organization’s unique requirements. Using this information AppCentrica built out a comprehensive data model illustrating the ideal future-state – a unified, standardized singular Sales Cloud & Pardot instance.

After a brief consulting engagement AppCentrica was retained to deliver on the data migration and to build out new reports and dashboards for the management team. The migration commenced and was completed within a very tight timeframe.


The successful org merger was delivered fully within the desired timeframe and with minimal disruption to the business. The unified Sales Clouds and Pardot instances has greatly improved Acuity Ads global sales process. Data consolidation has enabled management to report on global pipeline progression solely within Salesforce, improving visibility into business forecasts, and minimizing time lost spent aggregating data in third-party systems. Additionally, the standardized instances have fostered greater collaboration between the different sales and marketing teams and have laid the groundwork for smoother acquisitions in the future.

“At the end of March 2017 AcuityAds completed the acquisition of Visible Measures Corp, a Boston-based programmatic platform provider for analytics-led video advertising. Since both Acuity and Visible were on Salesforce already, we needed a partner to help us merge the two orgs and create reports and dashboards to help our sales team and sales management gain a comprehensive view of our business with minimal disruption. AppCentrica was a great partner to work with – they put a plan together to ensure the right architecture and helped us with the data migration process into one instance and were always responsive to our questions throughout the engagement. We are very pleased with the outcome and are already seeing benefits to the newly merged org. We would recommend AppCentrica wholeheartedly to other companies.”

Renzo Dipasquale, VP Enterprise of Self-Serve & Europe, Acuity Ads

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