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Alexanian Carpet & Flooring


  • Retail

Project Features

  • B2B Commerce Cloud
  • Front-end Web Development
  • Custom Apex Development

Project Outcomes

  • Improved user experience
  • Faster website performance
  • Better product differentiation

About Alexanian Carpet & Flooring

In operation since 1925, Alexanian Carpet and Flooring is a family owned business headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. With over 19 retail locations across the province, Alexanian is a full service – supply and install – company which specializes in carpet, flooring and window covering products.


As Alexanian continued to open additional retail outlets across the province, they sought to bolster their online presence to reach new customers in other Canadian provinces and in the US market.

Their former website platform presented a series of business challenge including poor performance, the inability to differentiate between products effectively and limited search functionality. Additionally, Alexanian’s website and ERP were not efficiently integrated and order processing times were negatively affected as a result.


Recognizing that their former web-based solution was insufficient for their sustained growth, Alexanian chose to adopt the Salesforce platform to drive their digital strategy. Although the long-term goal of this transition was to leverage Salesforce for all sales, marketing and customer engagement needs, the initial focus of the project was to implement Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud and rebuild the website.

AppCentrica was engaged to implement and configure B2B Commerce Cloud to suit Alexanian’s unique needs. Although Alexanian did wish to leverage B2B Commerce for business-to-business sales transactions, their initial need was to build out B2C capabilities for general eCommerce in order to generate value early on. AppCentrica extended the B2B Commerce platform, paying particular attention to the B2C user experience in the design of the final solution.


The successful implementation of B2B Commerce Cloud has greatly improved the online shopping experience for Alexanian’s customers.

Enhanced searching, filtering, site navigation and product browsing are now part of the core site functionality.

Additionally, since switching to the Salesforce platform, order processing functionality has improved and Alexanian is better positioned to scale and further expand into new markets.

To view the redesigned Alexanian website visit:

“Ensuring that we had a leading-edge ecommerce platform to reach new geographies and service online shoppers was a critical imperative for us. As the President of Alexanian Carpet & Flooring I made the choice to invest in Salesforce and needed an experienced implementation partner to make it happen. AppCentrica is a highly competent partner with a lot of integrity. We are very pleased with our results and will continue to work with AppCentrica to build on the Salesforce platform.”

Andrew Alexanian, President, Alexanian Carpet & Flooring

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