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API-Led Legacy Modernization

Fostering an API-led approach to modernizing a business critical legacy system to de-risk transformation and deliver greater business flexibility and exceptional customer service.

AppCentrica was engaged by a leading captive automotive finance company to develop an IT roadmap and enterprise architecture that could manage the retirement of their legacy lease and loan system. The organization was challenged with dependency on the legacy system – which was inhibiting them from entering new markets, providing exceptional customer service, and enabling flexibility in both their operations and product offerings.

AppCentrica took a holistic approach to understand the underpinning business and technical architecture of the organization and ultimately determine the best approach to transforming their business. A functional decomposition was performed for every department within the organization – establishing the business dependencies on the core system. Data analysis and profiling were performed to understand how data was structured and the flow of information throughout the enterprise. Finally,
application and integration architecture showed the interdependencies between the core lease and loan system and over 20 other business critical systems.

The approach that AppCentrica recommended outlined an iterative, integration-led approach. Information from the current legacy system would be made available to new cloud-based applications and systems to enable new services and improved customer experience while minimizing disruption to other parts of the business. This allowed the organization to mitigate risk and project costs while achieving their objectives faster. The new target architecture also helps the organization achieve efficiencies through adopting cloud-based infrastructure – reducing overall maintenance costs and helping ensure industry best practices for regulatory and security compliance.

By establishing an integration-led target architecture, the challenge and risk of enabling new services and retiring the legacy application are greatly reduced. Further, business goals are achieved in a shorter timeframe – offering a shorter payback period, more contingency for adaptation throughout the program, and greater confidence in the solution.


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