AppCentrica sets sail

For this year’s annual summer social, we took to lake Ontario in our own personal fleet of sailboats.

An annual tradition at AppCentrica is our summer social activity. Each year, we take an afternoon off work to enjoy the weather, and to try a team activity that offers something out of the ordinary.

On a picturesque June day, we went down to the waterfront (just a few short blocks from our office), and boarded our own personal fleet of sailboats for a three-hour tour.

We learned the ropes – literally – and took turns learning how to steer the boats. We even had time for a few races, although most were happy to sit on the deck and take in the sun.

Once we made our way back to land, we celebrated our successful team voyage at Boxcar Social on the waterfront. Of course, it wouldn’t be an AppCentrica social event without great food.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the event. And a special thank you to Akshay and Zaid for organizing a great summer social! This is a summer activity that we won’t soon forget.