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AppCentrica’s Amazing Race

On a warm, sunny Saturday in August, 28 brave staff made the early morning trek out to Elora.

They knew an Amazing Race-like event was what they had signed up for, but outside of that, no one really knew what kinds of adventures the day would have in store.  After meeting up with everyone for Timmy’s donuts (the obvious breakfast of champions), we proceeded to meet up with the event OXE AXE Pursuits staff over in Victoria Park to get things underway.

AppCentrica employees

This is also the last time we would see the Green team on camera until nearly the end of the race…

The challenges were numerous.  Clue after clue had each team running across town, up and down the hills of downtown Elora.  From fishing clues out of sewer grates and storm drains, to searching shoppes looking for a particular aestheticism and translating coded messages, the day had a little bit of everything.  It even had crickets.  Sour cream and onion crickets (which I’ve been told did not have much sour cream and onion taste, pity that).

Team huddle during race

The lead changed several times as teams were fighting it out neck and neck all morning. We lost the Green team for nearly an hour during a slight navigational error, and Yellow team ran into the thing all Amazing Racer contestants dread: losing their clues. While they were eventually found, it did ultimately cost them their lead in the race.

Like any good Amazing Race, teams were eventually met with the Roadblock. In our case, teams had to send two members over the side of the cliff in a Rappel, or throw two members across the gorge on the Zipline.

AppCentrica employee giving thumbs up

Blue team were the official winners of the Amazing Race. It was great to see everyone full of smiles by the end (and also a little exhausted). Amazing race, team AppCentrica!

Winning team poses


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