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AppCentrica’s Chief Architect, Ken Kitamura, presents on “Transformational Enterprise Architecture” at CEAF Event in Calgary

AppCentrica’s Chief Architect, Ken Kitamura, presented along with business performance improvement expert Lawrence Dillon.

AppCentrica partners with the Canadian Enterprise Architecture Forum (CEAF) in Calgary to host a seminar on Transformational Enterprise Architecture: Bridging Business Necessity and Development Reality.

Session Summary

Attaining the goals that drive business transformation through IT initiatives can be a challenge for CIOs, Enterprise Architects, Project Managers, and Developers alike. Doing it while managing real-world constraints and the emergence of complex technologies makes the task that much more daunting.  Lawrence will discuss his approach to overcoming common constraints to transformational projects, such as misalignment of expectations, poorly understood requirements, and insufficient technical resources.  He will draw on current and past projects to demonstrate that  motivating individuals to rally around a common business vision – and a common enterprise architecture –  reduces risk and improves team effectiveness in the implementation of large enterprise systems.

One of the overarching goals of Enterprise Architecture has been to serve as the bridge between business and technology.  Traditionally, strategy leads to an architecture, which in turn leads to a technical implementation.  This is often represented as a one-way process when, in reality, the very tools and technologies that are employed during implementation can have a profound impact on both architecture and business strategy.  In this session Lawrence and Enterprise Architect, Ken Kitamura, will also examine ways to ensure that the bridges between business and technology are a two-way street.  They will discuss specific project management techniques to deal with uncertainty on both sides of the business-technology bridge, and evolutionary approaches to enterprise architecture that help create more effective partnerships between business and IT.

Speaker Biography: Ken Kitamura

Ken Kitamura is AppCentrica’s Chief Architect. Ken’s expertise is in the area of enterprise architecture and systems development with a particular focus on information security. He has lead large enterprise engagements across a wide range of industries and helps clients plan, design, and deliver

complex IT initiatives. Ken was previously with the IT Advisory Management Consulting practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers, focusing on IT Strategy and Risk Management. Ken is strong proponent of craftsmanship in all areas of enterprise architecture from vision to execution. Ken has a degree in Computer Science and Economics from the University of Toronto.

Speaker Biography: Lawrence Dillon

Lawrence Dillon

Lawrence is currently Senior Vice President at ENKI, an executive consulting firm.

Lawrence is a strategic, hands-on transformational executive with exhaustive experience in aligning business and technology to drive effective and efficient enablement of business outcomes.

Before joining ENKI, Lawrence was Vice President of Supply Chain and IT for RS Medical, reporting to the CEO.  RS Medical is a provider of physician-prescribed home electrotherapy devices.

Prior to RS Medical, Lawrence was the Vice President and CIO for ARAMARK Healthcare serving over 3,700 customers in North America and supporting software for 6 other ARAMARK business units in 8 countries.  Lawrence’s career spans 25 years and crosses many industries including Oil & Gas (Texaco), Chemicals (Arco), discreet Manufacturing (Intel, Motorola, GE, Acme Steel), Software (BroadVision), Management Consulting (E&Y, AT Kearney, Gartner), Finance & Banking (BofA, Chemical, GE Capital), Insurance and Healthcare (BCBS, State Farm, AON).


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