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Aramark Global Business Services


  • Managed Services

Project Features

  • Service Cloud
  • Custom Genesys Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Project Outcomes

  • Improved customer service
  • More personalized service
  • Faster response times
  • Automated case management

About Aramark Global Business Services

Aramark Corporation is an American managed services organization which provides innovative services in food, facilities management and uniforms to customers spanning many different industries, including: education, healthcare, business, corrections and leisure. Headquartered in the United States, Aramark operates in over 20 counties worldwide and has over 250,000 employees.

Aramark Global Business Services (GBS) is a division which provides contact center capabilities for requests coming in through the website, as well as to an expanding number of other business units within the Aramark umbrella.


Part of the Aramark GBS service team works to handle sales and service requests for iCare, a service offered by Aramark in its Correctional Facilities line of business, which enables friends and family members of inmates to send care packages via the internet or over the phone. The service team had little technological support and relied on very manual processes to handle customer inquiries. As well, the team’s calling platform, Genesys, was not integrated with their ticketing system, ServiceNow. These problems and others were negatively impacting iCare’s customer service experience and hurting Aramark’s bottom-line.


AppCentrica was engaged to gather key business requirements from various stakeholders including, customer service representatives, team leads and upper sales leadership and create a comprehensive service model which encompassed all vital business processes.

Once complete, AppCentrica implemented Service Cloud and optimally configured iCare’s Call Centre.

Finally, due to the complex nature of Aramark’s business requirements out-of-the-box functionality for a Genesys CTI integration was not possible and instead AppCentrica leveraged custom coding and created new APIs. The custom solution exceeded expectations and enabled cross functional compatibility with both ServiceNow and Salesforce.


Aramark’s rollout of Service Cloud was extremely successful. The service team no longer relies on a series of manual processes to handle sales and services inquiries and finally has an effective, highly-automated approach to case management.

As well, the CTI integration with Genesys has improved customer services practices on the whole, enabling reps to respond to customer inquiries faster while simultaneously delivering a more personalized experience.

Overall the project has greatly improved the service team’s efficiency and the reps themselves are much happier with the improved solution.

“The solution that AppCentrica designed and built is working extremely well and providing tons of value. I am thrilled with it so far and am constantly sharing our success with it with the rest of the GBS organization at Aramark.”

Associate Vice President, Contact Center & Global Business Solutions, Aramark

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