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Celebrating International Women’s Day

In light of International Women’s Day, Hitha Dinesh shares her thoughts on being a woman in IT.

At AppCentrica, perspective is a major part of our ability to do great work. That said, looking at the IT industry, there is a clear need for a more balanced set of perspectives. Currently, less than 1/4 of technology jobs are held by women. This gender gap is expected to get worse over the next 10 years.

Especially on days like today, it’s important to celebrate the achievements of women in this industry. Marissa Mayer is someone I have always looked up. At the age of 41, she is currently the President and CEO of Yahoo. She joined Google in 1999, and became the company’s first female engineer. I draw inspiration from her hard work, dedication, and success in today’s ever evolving IT field.

I consider myself extremely fortunate because I get to work with women who are just as ambitious, confident and hard working. There is a great sense of comradery among the women at AppCentrica. The spirit of friendship in this close-knit environment is what helps us bring exceptional services and products to our clients. Along with the men we work with, we are a family!

Happy International Women’s day!


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