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Celebrating Success

AppCentrica has been receiving a growing amount of external recognition this year. We’ve been recognized for our growth, great company culture, and even for the way we celebrate success. True to form, we decided there was only one thing to do; celebrate!

We formed a small committee to come up with a plan to show our appreciation to our staff. The group went above and beyond – demonstrating the kind of contributions that have helped make AppCentrica such a great place to work.

The party was planned for a Friday, where the staff could get together over a catered lunch, and then leave early for an extended weekend.

Good food is always a part of AppCentrica-wide events – but we wanted to make sure this meal was special. To give a more festive and summery feel to the event, the party committee arranged an epic lunch from Barque, one of the best rated BBQ spots in the city.

Over lunch, the committee introduced the main event, which really put this party over the top; a company-wide game of Family Feud. Farah had put in many hours after work preparing the game so that we could test how well we knew our co-workers. To say that she put in extra effort on this would be an understatement. The game was complete with animated graphics, theme-music, a scoring system, and hilarious questions involving AppCentricans. Project teams went head-to-head and winners even got to move on to the “fast money” round. The creativity put into this game would make Steve Harvey proud.

AppCentricans play Family Feud

Towards the end of the game, Juliana announced the final surprise (yes, another one). We went outside to find she had rented us an ice cream truck for the afternoon. A perfect way to start the weekend.

AppCentricans enjoy ice cream

Overall, it was great to take a step back and celebrate our recent success. The work and creativity that went in to the celebration was incredible. While we celebrate fairly often, this event is one that we won’t soon forget. A big thanks to our party committee for putting this amazing event together, and to all our staff for making this a great place to work.


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