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Challenger Motor Freight


  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management

Project Features

  • Sales Cloud
  • Lightning for Outlook

Project Outcomes

  • Improved visibility and forecasting
  • Less manual effort
  • Increased operational efficiency

About Challenger Motor Freight

Since its inception in 1975, Challenger has been a North American leader in the supply chain industry. The Challenger Group employs more than 2,000 people and operates approximately 1,500 trucks and 3,300 trailers. As one of the largest privately owned truckload carriers in Canada, Challenger has been consistently recognized for their outstanding quality of service.


As Challenger’s business continued to grow, the sales and management teams felt increasingly restricted by their existing CRM solution. The sales team relied on Excel spreadsheets to work around some of the limitations inherent in their current platform, but maintaining multiple spreadsheets proved to be an error prone and labor-intensive process. Similarly, Challenger’s management team lacked an effective way to track opportunity progression and had trouble accurately forecasting.


As part of an initiative to develop a scalable operational platform AppCentrica was engaged to implement Sales Cloud. This rollout included the development of a fully customized opportunity layout to best support Challenger’s unique business model, personalized reports and dashboards and provision of training and post go-live support. As well, AppCentrica provided guidance for Challenger’s own technical resources to create an integration between Salesforce and their Transport Management System (TMS).


Since making the switch to Sales Cloud Challenger has seen a vast improvement in operational efficiency and a reduced reliance on manual effort.

The sales team can now better manage potential sales and can more easily stay aligned with the customer success team for the onboarding of new customers.

Management now has the visibility they require and can stay on top of opportunities and support their progression every step of the way.

“We chose to work with AppCentrica with our Sales Cloud implementation because they offered competitive pricing and had experience with developing solutions for other companies in our industry. Our team had little to no Salesforce experience and chose Sales Cloud to replace our in-house CRM. Our business needs in the transportation industry differ from many other industries and the AppCentrica team was able to build out several custom solutions to suit our needs. The AppCentrica team did a great job of communicating timelines and updates, often giving several options for us to choose from to ensure we stayed within the scope of our project. We appreciated the knowledge and insight that the AppCentrica team was able to share with our IT team while building out our solution. Their post-launch support was great as well. I would highly recommend AppCentrica to anyone looking for a Salesforce implementation partner.”

Rebecca Tunks, Senior Manager, Challenger Motor Freight

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