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Transformational Policy Administration


  • Insurance

Project Features

  • Program Management
  • IT Consulting
  • Architecture Design
  • Custom Development

Project Outcomes

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Service Improvement
  • Simplified Technology Architecture
  • Improved Risk Management


Chubb Insurance is the world’s largest P&C company, operating in 54 different countries. Chubb provides a differentiated customer experience by understanding the nuances of the different clients they serve – many of whom hold insurance policies in a variety of different countries. Chubb is continuously exploring new ways to better support their diverse business units. In line with this initiative, Chubb identified an opportunity to improve their policy administration system, seeking to create a custom enterprise platform to streamline internal processes while offering a holistic view of the policy holder.

The challenge was creating a system that was versatile enough to manage the needs of their localized business units whilst simultaneously being able to perform at a global level. Complicating matters further, each territory had different parties that needed to be considered, including brokers, customer service personnel, underwriters, management and the policyholders themselves. To develop an effective policy administration system these groups needed to be aligned.

“The project we worked on together for a number of years was very challenging for various reasons. AppCentrica did everything they could to help Chubb get the best results. They are partners that can be trusted and are committed to doing the right thing.”


AppCentrica was engaged to design and deliver a transformational shared services platform, called Evolution.

A vital first step of the multi-year initiative was for AppCentrica to develop a reference architecture to help clarify the different aspects of the project. This reference architecture, coupled with a detailed roadmap, helped to align the numerous stakeholders, justified the business case and created a more collaborative and productive environment for delivery.

Moving forward AppCentrica worked to establish a deep understanding of Chubb’s varying business needs especially as it pertained to policy administration. By identifying common activities across transactions, AppCentrica was able to simplify how quotes, policy endorsements, and renewals could be carried out. This was used to implement a flexible architecture that could more easily be extended and modified to optimally serve different business units and territories. Additionally, user experience design was used to illustrate how the proposed solution would improve day-to-day work, this helped to establish cross functional buy-in from different departments and generate excitement around the project.


The finalized system reduced manual effort by automating processes around end-to-end policy administration. This was achieved through the strategic use of data integration, rules / exception handling, and automated event orchestration. The system enabled a range of activities related to policy administration, including:

  • quote creation / fulfillment
  • risk information collection
  • workflow automation (underwriting)
  • document management
  • paperless policy delivery
  • claims integration

The system also featured a responsive user interface design capable of supporting internal and external users across a wide variety of devices – allowing staff to work in a flexible manner.

Overall, the reference architecture and an incremental approach to development were crucial for the success of the project. Both these elements helped to consistently clarify the corporate vision while simultaneously adding value every step of the way.

The end result is a system which has enhanced vital interactions around policy administration while reducing the total cost of ownership and eliminating manual effort and associated risks. Most importantly, the project satisfied the needs of external and internal users alike. Brokers can now generate and modify quotes directly, view and make changes to existing policies and data consolidation has enabled management to unlock additional business insights.

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