Custom Delivery Projects

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Building Enterprise Systems That Differentiate

Every customer is unique. At AppCentrica, we don’t build cookie cutter solutions because our customers – and yours - expect distinguishing, compelling results. Whether you’re looking to empower front line staff or integrate systems to enable better insight - our custom delivery services are designed to provide flexibility, agility and reduce total cost of ownership.

Enabling Transformation

Delivering differentiating results relies on aligning and integrating back office, operational and market-facing systems. To do this, AppCentrica breaks the enterprise down into 5 core systems.

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A multidisciplinary, multi-speed approach to custom development and IT consulting.


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    Compelling experiences and speed to market. Our elite, multidisciplinary teams provide a flexible, technology-agnostic approach to custom application development. Collaborative design methods and modern delivery techniques ensure there are only happy surprises along the way.

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    Better decision making for efficiency, growth and risk mitigation. Data is only valuable if can be used to take action. That’s why our capabilities around data and analytics work together to deliver insights - enabling strategic results. Whether it’s application reporting or a full BI solution, we can create the data-driven insights you need to drive breakthrough business performance.

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    Focusing on what matters. At any point in time, there are a million different ways to spend money on technology. We aim to make results easier to achieve by clarifying and prioritizing opportunities according to business value - ensuring that you receive features you need, avoiding spend against the ones you don’t.

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    More value from information, end-to- end. The traditional barriers around enterprise technology need to be removed. From external IoT sources to systems of record, end-to-end integration allows information to be shared across the organization, promoting collaboration, engagement, efficiency and insight.

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    Control, safety, peace-of-mind. Security has never been more important. As enterprise systems become increasingly distributed/complex, the ability to control how data is created, consumed and shared is vital to managing your business. Security is core to our approach on every engagement – and we take a holistic view of the controls, entitlements, privacy and compliance mechanisms that provide peace-of-mind.

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    Clarity and control throughout the delivery process. Good communication has always been important – especially in custom delivery. There’s a lot riding on our work, and we take that responsibility seriously. That’s why we establish clearly defined visibility, control and collaborative risk/issue management techniques on every engagement.