Delivering insight

Leveraging your enterprise data to enable organizational responsiveness

AppCentrica’s data services are designed to help you realize the value of your data across your enterprise technology, organization & processes, products & services, and customers. We help you transform your enterprise data into organizational knowledge and insight to drive better business decisions.

Chart of data solutions process


  • Governance icon

    Data Governance

    Translating your business needs into an end-to-end data strategy.

    Assessing the current state of your organization’s data to develop a vision and roadmap for how it can support your overarching strategy. We strike a balance between your long-term business objectives and your need for responsive, agile decision-making.

    • Data Management Maturity Assessment

    • Data Strategy

    • Roadmaps

    • Data Stewardship

    • Data Quality Programs

  • Data architecture icon

    Data Architecture

    Establishing a common language for your data assets across your organization.

    Working to develop a framework that ensures high-quality, secure, and flexible data structures. We make sure that both technology and business stakeholders understand - and are aligned around - your enterprise data requirements and life-cycle.

    • Data Modelling

    • Data Dictionaries, Glossaries, and Taxonomies

    • Conceptual, Logical, and Physical Architecture

    • Data Technology Recommendations

    • Data Lineage

  • Data development icon

    Data Development

    Improving business collaboration and removing data-specific technology barriers.

    Implementing data structures that capture and expose high quality data across a variety of channels and touchpoints - optimizing the consistency, integrity, performance, and timeliness of your enterprise data.

    • Database Design (Operational, Integration, MDM, RDM)

    • Data Profiling

    • Source to Target Mapping

    • Data Integration & Migration

  • Data insights icon

    Data Insights

    Enabling faster and smarter business decisions.

    Ensuring that your data assets deliver insights that enable organizational responsiveness and continual improvement. We make sure that your data supports both tactical and strategic decision-making.

    • Embedded BI/Predictive Analytics

    • Data Mining – Large Data Sets

    • Visualization

    • Reporting, Dashboards, and Scorecards