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Digital Ed


  • Education
  • Technology

Project Features

  • Sales Cloud
  • Pardot
  • Salesforce CPQ
  • Supported QuickBooks integration

Project Outcomes

  • Time-sensitive corporate launch completed on schedule

About DigitalEd

DigitalEd, a subsidiary of Maplesoft, offers a suite of SaaS based online education products which empower educators to make learning better for everyone. Their online education solutions are designed especially for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses. DigitalEd products are uniquely positioned to provide effective tools for online math-based education.


When Maplesoft made the decision to launch DigitalEd their vision was to establish two independent companies focused exclusively on meeting the specific needs of their diverse customers within their respective markets. In line with this vision, management decided DigitalEd sales systems would be kept largely separate from the existing Maplesoft systems. As well, DigitalEd’s sales model, which was entirely subscription based, would require a different set of configurations to function effectively at scale.


AppCentrica was engaged to implement a wide array of Salesforce products as part of a time-sensitive ramp up to get DigitalEd established. Sales Cloud, Pardot and Salesforce CPQ were all implemented and optimally configured to suit DigitalEd’s needs.

In addition, AppCentrica supported a complex integration with QuickBooks and trained end users to bolster adoption rates.


The project was completed within the tight time frame that DigitalEd required. Sales Cloud and CPQ enabled DigitalEd’s sales team to hit the ground running. CPQ in particular was configured to support different quoting methodologies which allowed for greater flexibility in selling the subscription-based products to universities and professors.

“We have been using Salesforce at Maplesoft for over 10 years and, with the creation of a new subsidiary company (DigitalEd), we had the chance to implement a pristine Salesforce solution, based on Lightning UI and using best practices. As the Director of Marketing-Communications at Maplesoft, I was responsible for driving the project and was very glad to have found such a great partner in AppCentrica. The team – Fady, Medardo and Daniel – worked tirelessly to get us set up very quickly. Our solution, which includes Sales Cloud, CPQ, Partner Community and an integration with Quick Books, has inspired us to think about what we can do at our parent company with Salesforce. Thank you AppCentrica!”

Kathleen McNichol, Director Marketing-Communications

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