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Dörken Systems


  • Construction
  • Manufacturing

Project Features

  • Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Inbox
  • Integration with abas ERP
  • Integration with Dodge data
  • Custom lightning component

Project Outcomes

  • Improved account visibility
  • More accurate forecasting
  • Less manual effort

About Dörken Systems

A North American manufacturer based in southern Ontario, Dörken Systems, Inc. is a subsidiary of Ewald Dörken AG, a leading European developer and manufacturer of waterproofing and drainage products sold worldwide. Dörken Systems, Inc. manufactures high-performance air and moisture barriers for commercial and residential construction, under the DELTA® brand. With over 125 years of experience in over 60 countries, they protect all types of buildings all over the world, in the most extreme conditions.


Dörken Systems faced a series of challenges that were impeding sales efficiency. The organization leveraged Lotus as their CRM but it lacked vital functionality. Management could not leverage the system to produce the reports they needed which made accurate forecasting difficult. The sales team were frustrated as they could not easily access Lotus to retrieve customer information while on the go or at a client site. As well, the team consistently lost time jumping between Lotus and Dodge – the company’s construction data repository. Finally, Lotus lacked a crucial integration with abas, Dörken’s ERP. As a result, sales actuals were constantly being imported into Lotus which proved to be a very arduous and error-prone process.


AppCentrica implemented Sales Cloud to replace Lotus, and built an API to integrate abas with Salesforce, therein consolidating account, invoicing, and order data all in a singular system. Additionally, AppCentrica configured a secondary integration with Dodge to enable sales users to access building information right within Salesforce. To help further streamline the user experience a custom Lightning component was designed to search for invoices and download them in PDF format – which is especially helpful on the go.

Finally, AppCentrica implemented Salesforce inbox for more concise activity logging, and built out a series of dynamic reports for upper management to have added visibility.


Sales Cloud has improved Dörken’s sales efficiency. The integrations with abas and Dodge have consolidated all pertinent data into a single location. Management now has a holistic view of the sales pipeline, can better view and track sales activities, and can better correlate which activities result in closed business. Additionally, with order and invoicing data all flowing seamlessly into Salesforce considerable manual effort is no longer required, and forecasting has become both easier, and more accurate.

Marketing can now tie sales activities and marketing spend to the quality of opportunities and close rates. Finally, access to Salesforce Inbox and Salesforce mobile has helped reps log activity more easily and has allowed them to stay connected as they travel to client sites.

“We decided to replace our out-dated Lotus Notes CRM with Salesforce and integrate with abas, our ERP. As the VP Operations & Marketing my goal with SF was to ensure we could effectively track leads and opportunities, as well as do robust analysis on our data to determine how best to drive revenues based on marketing spend. Working with AppCentrica we have achieved what I had envisioned and perhaps even more. I have a great set of dashboards and feel I am in control of the data. Donna and Sahar have both been very supportive. They are very congenial to work with. AppCentrica has been a real partner on our Salesforce journey.”

Marcus Jablonka, VP Operations & Marketing, Dörken Systems

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