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Every customer is unique. At AppCentrica, we don’t build cookie-cutter solutions because our customers - and yours - expect distinguishing, compelling results. Whether you’re looking to empower front-line staff or integrate systems to enable better insight - our custom delivery services are designed to provide flexibility, agility, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Our core passion is Enterprise Cloud Transformation. We simplify the complex, automate the ordinary and build technologies that drive meaningful results.

We deliver cross-platform, iOS and Android mobile applications that enable our customers to engage with their audience in ways they never could.

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We are an elite team of developers, designers, analysts, and architects bound together by the common belief that building transformative technology is a craft which requires as much empathy and creativity, as it does strategy and technical prowess. Based in Canada, but serving an international client base, we build lasting, meaningful customer relationships and deliver technologies that transform the way organizations do business.

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Our team has extensive experience spanning numerous programming languages and development platforms. We apply a technology and methodology agnostic approach to solving business challenges. We always approach problems from an unbiased perspective and implement best-of-breed solutions that you can count on.

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Delivery Approach

Enterprise architecture consists of seven distinct, yet fundamentally interrelated domains. In delivering any solution, we ensure each domain is explored entirely. This unique approach to development allows us to build holistic, lasting solutions that exceed expectations.

Six elements of enterprise application development in a ring around the phrase 'Project Management'. The six areas are: Business Architecture, Application Architecture, Security Architecture, Infrastructure Architecture, Data Architecture and Inegration Architecture.

Represents the business objectives, functions, user experience, processes, constraints, and participants behind a system. Business architecture ensures that requirements are optimally aligned and structured so that technical solutions can be effectively designed and deployed to fulfil business objectives.

Encompasses the design and delivery approach for applications including the technical patterns, frameworks, libraries, and technology platforms that are used to build enterprise software. AppCentrica has expertise across several key development platforms including Microsoft .NET, Enterprise Java, and Salesforce APEX. We have extensive experience with cloud native architectures and technologies including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform in addition to front-end, back-end, and mobile application development.

Security architecture specialized insights and experience to ensure that risk is optimally managed at many different levels of an environment. High-level enterprise security topics may include standards, compliance, and SecOps. Mid-level security topics may include identity management, encryption, detection, and prevention. Low-level security includes topics such as secure coding practices, role-based access controls, network security design, and security testing.

Governance ensures that each architectural domain is adequately represented, organized, and collectively coordinated. It ensures that changes occurring in one architectural domain propagate in a controlled and predictable manner. Architectural governance provides structure and clarity around objectives, direction, authority, and boundaries. It helps assess, manage, and mitigate implementation, operational, and strategic risks and may span organizational boundaries.

The convergence of application development, cloud infrastructure (IaaS) and cloud native services (PaaS) has accelerated the adoption of DevOps. Infrastructure architecture is no longer considered a distinct, independent, or separate capability from software engineering. Expertise and appreciation of topics such as network design, redundancy, network security, release management, resource provisioning, domain management, key management, and disaster recovery are becoming critically essential to developers.

From detailed application schema design through to enterprise data management, data architecture covers a broad spectrum of inter-related disciplines. Perspective on broader enterprise disciplines like data governance, master data management, and analytics is as critical as having specialized technical expertise with specific database platforms and technologies including Azure, AWS, GCP, RDBMS, No-SQL, and data warehouses.

Interconnectivity between systems and applications is a critical feature of many enterprise environments. There is a highly diverse spectrum of integration approaches that can be called upon depending on the specific characteristics of the environment. This list includes legacy integrations, microservice architectures, service oriented, data integration, mainframe integration, message based.

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