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Fall 2015 Company Offsite – Montreal

Autumn is an important time here at AppCentrica. More than just sending kids off for another school year, or watching the leaves change colour, it brings with it the excitement of the AppCentrica Company Offsite.

This annual event is one we look forward to every year as a chance to reflect on the year we’ve had, learn from the successes of our colleagues, and bring the entire company together away from many of the distractions of our normal day-to-day lives.

This year we decided try something different and venture away from the sleepy resort towns of years past, all the way to La Belle Province!  On a cool, crisp weekend in November, the entire company travelled via planes and trains to the vibrant city of Montreal.  Many of us arrived a day early to enjoy the myriad of things to do in Montreal before the offsite officially began, be it catching a Habs game, spending time away from the kids with their Significant Other, or sampling some of the best food the country has to offer.

Over the course of our two days of working sessions, numerous topics were presented and discussed.  Topics ranged from our annual finances and future growth projections, to industry trends towards Digitalization, and from new product development strategies to “Introductory Computational Finance and Investing.”  Year after year, the topics covered continue to amaze, educate, and enlighten!

AppCentrican's giving a presentation

AppCentrican's listening intently

While the offsite is an opportunity for us to level set 2016 together as a company, it is also an opportunity for the team to spend time bonding and team building.  A reminder that we are all more than just people who work at the same company, but friends with many diverse interests and passions.  Whether it is sharing “war stories” over a beer, or cheering each other on as we conquer personal fears, there is always a smile/laugh/good time to be had.

Highlights of this year’s social activities included our collective group going 0 for 5 at a local escape room (we were SO CLOSE!), and surprisingly keeping the grand finale secret until the very end: Flying Trapeze lessons!  While some were surprisingly graceful and talented, rest assured, we are not quitting our day jobs.

people on a trapeze

playing on an aerial silk

learning to trapeze

We look forward to another year of success and growth in 2016, and forward to another great offsite!


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