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FIRMA Foreign Exchange


  • Financial Services
  • Currency Exchange

Project Features

  • Sales Cloud
  • currencylayer integration
  • Outlook integration
  • CTI integration

Project Outcomes

  • Improved sales efficiency
  • Centralized data
  • Less manual effort

About FIRMA Foreign Exchange

Founded in 1998 in Edmonton, FIRMA Foreign Exchange facilitates foreign exchange transactions for businesses of all sizes, processing $10 billion in annual payments. FIRMA’s services include foreign exchange, domestic and international transfers. FIRMA has grown to 11 locations with operations in Canada, The United States, England, Australia, and New Zealand.


FIRMA implemented Sales Cloud in 2016 for its traders. Although the platform was being used to some extent, management believed an overhaul was needed to realize the full potential of Salesforce. Specifically, they sought to redevelop their lead management process and reduce reliance on tools and documentation that lived outside of Salesforce.

The previous process involved a series of steps. First, a client would submit an exchange request via email. The trader would then manually log the request, and monitor currencylayer (a real-time currency converter) until the appropriate criteria had been met. Once satisfied, the trader would complete the request and email the client confirmation.


AppCentrica worked with FIRMA to gather the necessary requirements to transform Sales Cloud into a centralized sales platform.

First, an outlook and CTI integration were setup to help automate activity logging and reduce manual efforts. Next, AppCentrica configured an integration with currencylayer therein enabling pricing information to flow directly into Sales Cloud.

Finally, AppCentrica enhanced FIRMA’s existing Sales Cloud configuration and built out a series of automations to further streamline the sales process. One automation of particular importance is designed to notify a trader via email when the optimal pricing conditions exist to satisfy a trading requirement, this ensures a trade is never missed and is executed in an optimal manner.


The Sales Cloud improvements and subsequent integrations have drastically improved FIRMA’s lead management process. Traders now view Sales Cloud as a performance enhancing, one-stop shop and adoption rates have soared as a result. The automations built by AppCentrica have streamlined a previously cumbersome process and empower the team to spend more time progressing new business deals. Ultimately, the Sales Cloud overhaul was very successful and management can now better realize their return on investment.

“We were recommended to AppCentrica by our Salesforce Account Executive and were very glad to make the connection. We’d been struggling to get full ROI from the system and needed to make some changes to really make Salesforce easy to use – and useful – for our brokers. AppCentrica has been a great partner to work with – very responsive and knowledgeable. I personally was highly impressed with the training they delivered to our team and will be engaging them for more training and optimization work.”

Michael Malak, Regional Sales Director, FIRMA Foreign Exchange

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