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Global Integrated Flooring Solutions


  • Construction
  • Manufacturing

Project Features

  • Sales Cloud
  • Einstein Analytics (Tableau CRM Growth)
  • Data Migration
  • Salesforce Inbox

Project Outcomes

  • Standardized sales and marketing processes
  • Data consolidation for insightful data analytics and executive reporting

About Global IFS

A leading provider of fully integrated, premium raised-access flooring solutions. Global IFS is headquartered in Kentwood, Michigan, with offices in Edison, New Jersey, and Toronto, Canada. The company was created as a merger among TecCrete Flooring and Manufacturing, Hi Tech Data Floors and Camino Modular Systems.


Global IFS faced the pressing challenge of creating a singular source of truth for all sales and marketing data. Pre-merger, each of the original companies relied on different solutions: Camino was already using Salesforce; TecCrete used Microsoft Dynamics; and Hi Tech Data had Prophet CRM in place. Without a single platform, there would be no way to unify the sales process and ensure that the marketing power and sales reach of the three companies could be combined into a greater whole.


Recognizing that this large-scale data consolidation project was no simple task, Global IFS engaged AppCentrica to map business requirements from the three organizations, establish cross functional buy-in from all key stakeholders, standardize objects and data points, and seamlessly migrate data to support the vision of a unified sales platform for the entire company.

Beyond the sales process, Global IFS needed forecast visibility to enable a more robust and reliable upstream supply process. To support these forecasting requirements, AppCentrica built out a series of fully custom dashboards which accurately represent Global IFS’ unique sales cycle. As well, AppCentrica implemented Einstein Analytics to better represent these dashboards which has enabled operational improvements and improved decision making from the management team.


Since making the switch to a single, unified Salesforce platform, Global IFS has seen a noticeable uptick in operational efficiency. The sales and marketing team now have a more holistic view of their customers and can proactively engage with them. As well, management has access to up-to-date revenue dashboards and can forecast with far greater accuracy.

“Having successfully implemented Sales Cloud with AppCentrica, we engaged the team again to help us implement Einstein Analytics. The AppCentrica team provided guidance on the version of Einstein we required to get the most value and insight out of Salesforce. The implementation was exceptionally fast and the reporting is robust and exactly what we were looking for. The executive team, including myself and our CEO, are all thrilled and we have reengaged AppCentrica to continue to build more dashboards on Analytics.”

Sharon Russell-Snowden, VP North American Sales & Marketing, Global IFS

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