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Haventree Bank


  • Financial Services

Project Features

  • Service Cloud
  • Lightning for Outlook
  • Supported LMS integration

Project Outcomes

  • Improved account visibility
  • More proactive approach to customer renewals

About Haventree Bank

Haventree Bank is a federally regulated Schedule 1 Bank that provides residential mortgage solutions and GIC investment options. The bank prides itself on its commitment to lasting partnerships and its goal is to become Canada’s alternative mortgage lender of choice.


In June of 2018 Haventree completed its transition from an equity trust company to a tier one bank specializing in mortgage lending. In order to accelerate growth and deliver on the company’s commitment to differentiated customer service, the Haventree executive team decided to focus the attention of the Mortgage Servicing team on customer retention and customer relationship management.

The company needed a solution to enable staff to engage existing customers in a proactive and timely manner. Haventree’s loan management system (LMS) provided adequate functionality for loan origination and management capabilities but lacked workflow and advanced CRM capabilities.


AppCentrica implemented Service Cloud as the new customer engagement platform. Email-to-case and Lightning for Outlook were rolled out to automate case creation. Similarly, auto-response emails were setup to go out upon case creation, case updates and closure.

Finally, AppCentrica supported an integration with the LMS to ensure that mortgage information would be readily available within Service Cloud. In addition, an automation was established to automatically append mortgage information to a case upon creation.


The implementation of Service Cloud has created much needed visibility and has enabled the Customer Service team to drive higher customer engagement and subsequent retention. Automated case creation and a better notification system allows the team to operate proactively, better prioritize follow-ups and spend less time manually inputting data. Additionally, the LMS integration allows reps to access all the information they need within a single platform, reducing confusion, and saving time. Overall, Service cloud has allowed Haventree Bank to further accentuate its commitment to the customer and drive increased profits from prolonged business.

“After my initial meeting with AppCentrica, I knew they were the right partner to enable the digital transformations initiatives we had begun as an innovative financial institution. With Salesforce we are seeing the concept of ‘one view of the customer’ becoming a reality. AppCentrica has a very strong team and I will continue to engage them to support my resources.”

Cecilia Carbonelli Vice President, Information Technology, Haventree Bank

“AppCentrica provided solid technical expertise combined with knowledge of the financial services industry. We are very pleased with the project approach and look forward to our ongoing partnership.”

Wilfred Pande Abwawo Vice President, Mortgage Servicing, Haventree Bank

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