Enterprise Integration by an Elite Team

AppCentrica has extensive experience which translates into higher quality integration and longer term partnerships with our customers.
  • Our client are 3x as likely to recommend us over our competitors

  • We build long-term relationships with our clients - our average customer tenure is 5+ years.

  • Over 400 solutions delivered across a wide number technologies and architectures.

Appcentrica's MuleSoft practice

Mulesoft Developers in AppCentrica
  • 19Certified MuleSoft Developers

  • 27%Of the Certified MuleSoft Architects in all of Canada

  • Certified Mulesoft Partner

AppCentrica is proud to extend its integration service offerings to include MuleSoft, the leading platform for integration and full API life-cycle management. The MuleSoft Practice leverages AppCentrica's depth of integration capabilities to deliver end-to-end digital enablement capabilities with agility, flexibility, and exceptional customer experiences.

Integration Use Cases

We have leverage our integration expertise to enable transformational results for our customers

We're focused on inventing new ways of achieving better business outcomes