IT Consulting

Digital Transformation Enablement Services

With an end-to-end view of digital enterprise technology and processes, AppCentrica can help bridge the strategic and tactical perspectives of transformation.

Our IT Consulting Services are designed to provide alignment and purpose for the moving parts of transformation.


Clarity leads to action. We thrive in complex environments and pride ourselves in our ability to distill the important issues. We aim to make opportunities and issues easy to understand, so that the next steps are clear.

Reference and Conceptual Architecture

Vision and alignment. In a complex transformation, keeping everyone on the same page is critical. Our approach to reference and contextual architecture makes the journey easier by clarifying vision and outcomes - enabling improved collaboration, increased productivity, and visibility across all the moving pieces of your program.

Enablement Roadmaps

Translating strategy into action. Successful transformation comes down to execution. Regardless of constraints, your enablement roadmap needs to drive results. We can help. By balancing the “bottom up” and “top down” perspectives on transformation, we establish a manageable sequence of goals and objectives that allow for incremental (and continual) business benefits along the way.

Execution and Delivery Modeling

There’s no recipe for successful transformation. Too often, execution involves blindly adopting methods of delivery that are either ill-suited to the realities of the project or to clients’ needs. Our approach to delivery methods starts with modern software techniques, but are adapted to the unique needs of your program and broader organization.