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Kira Systems


  • Technology
  • Software

Project Features

  • Pardot
  • Lead scoring & routing
  • Engagement studio
  • Enhanced marketing attribution models

Project Outcomes

  • Improved visibility
  • More personalized marketing content
  • Proactive approach to prospect engagement

About Kira Systems

Trusted by some of the world’s largest legal and consultancy firms, Toronto based Kira Systems has grown from just two employees to over 200 since 2011. A leading edge technology company, Kira offers a suite of powerful, award-winning software that excels at searching and analyzing contract text to help customers perform due diligence, identify financial issues, simplify compliance and much more. In addition to providing a series of pre-built, machine learning models right out of the box, Kira also lets customers create and train their own models to accurately identify virtually any desired clause.


Kira Systems had already purchased Salesforce Sales Cloud and were experiencing considerable success with their investment. Their marketing team, however, relied on HubSpot and faced a series of challenges. In short, they had difficulty seamlessly integrating HubSpot with Salesforce. Engagement data was siloed and the team could not easily attribute marketing efforts to closed business. This lack of visibility made it very difficult to understand return on investment for their various marketing initiatives. The marketing team wanted to focus on a more proactive approach to engaging prospects and a means to be more responsive and agile.


AppCentrica was engaged to implement Pardot as a B2B marketing automation platform that would function as an extension to the solution already built in Salesforce. Kira engaged AppCentrica as a trusted implementation partner to support their go-forward plans.

The implementation itself was time sensitive and required supporting a data migration, configuring Pardot domain management settings and properly integrating the system with Salesforce.

Once configured AppCentrica continued to support Kira with Pardot and Salesforce related requests including: configuring connected campaigns, enabling and optimizing lead scoring, building out a series of complex email nurture programs through engagement studio, leveraging process builder to define a lead routing system and setting up different marketing attribution models.


Since implementing Pardot Kira’s marketing team now has a centralized view of all engagement data. Prospects now automatically flow into the appropriate Salesforce campaigns and the team is able to easily understand which campaigns are working and measure return on investment.

Additionally, engagement studio nurture programs coupled with automation rules have enabled Kira to efficiently segment their database and deliver a highly automated, personalized flow of marketing content.

For more information about Kira Systems and to learn about their entire Salesforce implementation journey, check out the official Salesforce Case Study.

“We partnered with AppCentrica to expedite our Sales, Ops & Marketing transformations and we began by integrating Pardot. Our goal was an instance that would ensure analytics was captured at a granular level with unique automations and integrations specific to our business. Although we have an internal team of developers, operations leads and admins, the safety net of expertise that AppCentrica brings to the table ensures that we always explore and consider the best solutions together before moving forward. Matthew and Patrick are extremely responsive and collaborative, it feels like they’re truly a part of our team!”

Sheila Knight, Director, Digital Marketing & Operations, Kira Systems

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