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LG Canada


  • Consumer Electronics
  • Manufacturing

Project Features

  • Sales Cloud
  • Pardot
  • Supported ConstructConnect Integration

Project Outcomes

  • Improved forecasting
  • Less reliance on manual processes

About LG Canada

With over 100 offices across the globe, LG is one of the world’s largest technology manufacturers. They produce a wide range of consumer and business solutions including: displays, TVs, monitors, lightning, appliances and residential/commercial air conditioners.


LG Canada has several different lines of business that support different versions of a B2B and B2C sales models involving distributors, resellers and direct-to-customer. Each line of busines relied on different legacy systems and sales data was largely siloed within their respective systems. This lack of data consolidation presented a series of challenges for the LG team as a lack of visibility made accurate forecasting and reporting difficult to achieve. As well, the LG sales team relied on a series of manual processes for opportunity creation and quote generation, both of which were impeding operational efficiency.


As part of an initiative to attain much needed visibility and formalize the structure of their sales process, LG engaged AppCentrica to implement Sales Cloud and Pardot.

Sales Cloud was configured to support each of LG’s different business units. As well, Conga Composer was rolled out to support a more formalized quoting process and automated approvals were setup to reduce reliance on manual effort and minimize unnecessary back-and-forth communications. Finally, AppCentrica supported a vital integration with ConstructConnect a database of upcoming construction projects – and utilized another AppExchange product called GSP for improved revenue scheduling.


Since implementing Salesforce LG Canada has successfully consolidated sales data from its different business units.

Management now has the ability to easily run reports, more accurately forecast and no longer relies on a series of time-consuming manual processes.

Additionally, LG’s sales reps across the organization can quickly generate quotes and utilize ConstructConnect to identify new opportunities and automatically create them in Salesforce.

Overall, LG’s has experienced considerable success since implementing Salesforce and they continue to work with AppCentrica for ongoing initiatives.

“Salesforce introduced us to AppCentrica as a partner who was already familiar with the B2B sales model we have at LG in Canada. We needed to quickly execute on our plan to get Salesforce installed and integrated with ConstructConnect for better early stage visibility in our pipeline. AppCentrica worked seamlessly with our team to set up Sales Cloud and Pardot. We’re very happy with their work and would recommend them highly.”

Richard White, VP, Marketing & Strategy, LG Canada

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