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Masco Canada


  • Manufacturing
  • Construction

Project Features

  • Service Cloud + Console
  • Community Cloud
  • JD Edwards (ERP) integration
  • CTI integration

Project Outcomes

  • Instant access to product information
  • Better case management

About Masco Canada

Masco Canada is a manufacturer and distributor of plumbing-related goods for consumers and business partners. The company serves the Canadian marketplace through a manufacturing and distribution facility based in St. Thomas, Ontario, and a secondary office in Mississauga.


Masco had been increasing its sales volume and saw a corresponding rise to their service desk. In order to service clients’ needs, customer services representatives had to use physical product books to find relevant information and technical specifications. With over 10,000 products, this manual approach was very time consuming and costly. In addition, case management was being tracked in Excel sheets which proved increasingly difficult as the volume of inbound cases continued to rise. Finally, as some service calls resulted in a requirement to ship replacement parts, the need for an integration with JD Edwards – Masco’s ERP, became more pressing.


AppCentrica worked with Masco to develop a digital transformation approach to their service center. Starting with a centralized platform using Service Cloud and the Service Console, AppCentrica configured Cases, set up Knowledge and Chatter and configured both web-to-case and email-to-case feature. Finally, AppCentrica supported a CTI integration and set up Outlook integration.

Building on Salesforce as the single system of engagement for their customers, AppCentrica built an integration to JD Edwards, allowing CSRs to enter customer information (such as the ship-to account number, name and address, as well as the specific parts and quantities) in Salesforce and then have it pushed to JDE to automatically create the order for shipping.

Lastly, AppCentrica implemented Salesforce Community Cloud to give trade partners access to order status and product availability and to provide partners with self-service capabilities.


Leveraging the power of Salesforce Knowledge, customer service representatives create, store, and use articles to provide information about products and types of service issues. This provides CSRs with a database of useful information at their fingertips, ultimately lowering service times and enhancing the customer experience. In addition, automated case creation and activity logging from the CTI and Outlook integration has empowered the customer service team, saving them time and enabling them to function with a higher degree of organization and collaboration. Building on this base, Masco has automated processes, such as order creation, by linking Salesforce as their system of engagement with JDE as their system of record. This provides a basis for the self-service access to support that their trade partners will use, ultimately cutting down operational costs and improving customer satisfaction.

“While we already had a handful of users on Sales Cloud at Masco Canada, we needed a partner to help us get Service Cloud set up for our CSRs to better manage customer interactions. Since going live, we have seen a huge improvement in the efficiency of the team and feel much more in control of our case management. AppCentrica’s team is wonderful to work with. We are looking forward to building out our Salesforce capabilities and will be looking to AppCentrica to support us.”

Jim Gillard, IT Operations Supervisor, Masco Canada

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