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  • Computer Software
  • Communications

Project Features

  • Sales Cloud
  • Custom Salesforce development
  • Custom integrations

Project Outcomes

  • Messagepoint Connected application published on the AppExchange

About Messagepoint

Messagepoint provides a hybrid cloud-based content management platform (also called Messagepoint) serving the customer communications management needs of large enterprise customers. The Messagepoint platform provides a secure environment for business users to directly own and control touchpoint messaging content and business rules for customer-facing print and digital communications.


Messagepoint’s intelligent content management platform is capable of pulling in data from a variety of different sources to produce documents and templates. Recognizing that many of their customers and key prospects were leveraging Salesforce, Messagepoint sought to extend the functionality of their platform to leverage Salesforce as another data source.


AppCentrica was initially engaged to provide professional services related to the design and requirements required to build a Messagepoint connector app for Salesforce.

After producing a detailed technical roadmap and mapping out the necessary integrations, AppCentrica was retained to develop and deliver the application.

Once the intensive process of building and testing the app was completed, AppCentrica continued to provide support for Messagepoint on a series of supplementary application enhancements. In addition, AppCentrica helped to navigate the rigorous Salesforce security review, which ultimately enabled the application to be successfully published on the AppExchange.


The completed application has successfully extended Messagepoint’s core functionality and has consequently improved their product offering. Their customers can now leverage the application to perform such tasks as: accessing pre-approved communications right within Salesforce, create and deploy email communications using the Salesforce platform and drive higher personalization with controlled editing.

For more information about the Messagepoint Connected application visit the AppExchange listing.

“Messagepoint provides a hybrid cloud-based communications hub to our enterprise customers. Many of these enterprises use Salesforce as their CRM. We partnered with AppCentrica to help build a server-to-server integration connecting our two platforms. The resulting application passed security review, is listed on the AppExchange, and now lets a broad set of customer users in Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds easily order print and email communications authored in our platform. AppCentrica were excellent and knowledgeable development partners for us. Their team built a sound application, anticipated key issues, and led us through the security review process. They also helped us with behind the scenes issues like training and demo environments, and license management. As we encountered issues along the way, they always came to the table with a clear sense of the what, the how, and the why to extend the reach of our core product development team into some of the very particular intricacies of development on the Salesforce platform. They are a valuable virtual part of our delivery capability.”

Jeff Janssen, Senior Product Manager, Messagepoint

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