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Shrader Canada


  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive / Chemical

Project Features

  • Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce CPQ
  • Shipping Application

Project Outcomes

  • Approval process 80% more efficient
  • Better case management
  • Less manual effort

About Shrader Canada

In business for over 60 years, Shrader Canada Limited is an international manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket Service chemicals for the automotive, industrial, heavy duty and powersport markets. In addition to OEM products, Shrader has built its own line of products under the Titan Chemicals brand.


Shrader had been using an AS400 (IBM) system to manage accounts, orders and invoicing but faced challenges with the tool both from a sales and customer service perspective. Orders were placed through service teams, who relied on Excel and physical documentation. Orders sometimes had up to 9 touch points, increasing the risks of miscommunication and information loss. Shrader had purchased Salesforce Sales Cloud to serve as a replacement but had yet to configure the system to fit their unique needs.


AppCentrica worked with Shrader to upgrade their Salesforce instance to Enterprise edition and make a series of changes to improve the sales processes. Salesforce CPQ was configured to support over 1000 products and a new product review automation was built out to streamline the approvals for pricing models that salespeople would receive from CPQ. Additionally, AppCentrica developed a shipping application using The new application greatly expedited the shipping process and replaced a previously paper intensive process. Lastly, from a customer service perspective, AppCentrica helped to define different case types and automated case assignment to the appropriate teams.


Using CPQ, salespeople can now quickly quote prices to clients, reducing delays that had been an issue in sales discussions in the past. salesforce CPQ now means shorter sales cycles and less time spent on calculating complicated pricing formulas. Additionally, sales management is no longer inundated with the task of reviewing and approving quotes and can instead focus on other priorities. Overall, the quoting approval process has seen an 80% uptick in efficiency.

The Shipping Application automatically creates necessary forms and templates and has streamlined communication between the service and warehouse teams, offering them real-time status updates throughout the shipping process. Additionally, the added visibility the application provides has reduced order errors and decreased the average age of shipping orders on the whole.

“We were introduced to AppCentrica to help us optimize our experience with Salesforce. We were impressed with the team from the start and were able to upgrade to Enterprise Edition, build our quoting process in SteelBrick/CPQ, and use Service Cloud Cases to manage our customer concerns process. As the Managing Director of Shrader Canada Limited I was glad to have found a trusted partner in AppCentrica. The AppCentrica team incorporated Shrader feedback/suggestions with their expertise to provide well-informed solutions to improve our business processes with Salesforce.”

Andrea Malcolm, Managing Director, Shrader Canada

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