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Sirco Machinery


  • Machinery
  • Manufacturing

Project Features

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Field Service Lightning
  • Data migration
  • SAP integration

Project Outcomes

  • Data consolidation
  • Improved visibility
  • Optimized field support

About Sirco Machinery

Haas Factory Outlet – a Division of Sirco Machinery Company Ltd. – is the exclusive distributor of Haas Automation products for all of Ontario, Quebec, and all of Eastern Canada. Haas Automation is the largest machine tool builder in the western world and manufactures a complete line of CNC (computerized numeric control) machining centers, lathes and rotary products. Sirco’s specialized technicians provide installation, service, and preventative maintenance programs.


Prior to installing Salesforce, Sirco leveraged two different applications to manage sales and service information which meant getting a complete view of the customer was next to impossible. Additionally, Sirco’s field management solution represented a risk to operational continuity as it was managed by a single individual and the tool was not dynamic enough to keep up with changing business requirements, nor did it provide any dashboarding insights. Finally, field service reports had to be manually uploaded each night to Haas’ centralized SAP solution. This process proved to be increasingly cumbersome and time consuming and errors often occurred during the data transfer.


AppCentrica implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud for the sales team, Service Cloud for intake and phone support and Field Service Lightning for dispatch and field technicians. All three systems were configured to adequately support their corresponding teams, and all legacy data was cleaned of redundancies and pushed to the newly consolidated Salesforce Instance.

In addition, AppCentrica built a custom API to integrate Salesforce with Haas’ centralized SAP solution to automate the nightly upload process. The new integration sends email notifications in case of rejected data and offers retry and skip functionality.


In making the switch to Salesforce Sirco Machinery has greatly improved business processes across the entire organization. Sales Cloud has enabled management to have full visibility into the sales pipeline and has unlocked deeper business insights and the ability to forecast more accurately.

Similarly, Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning have greatly improved customer support practices. The team can now better monitor case progression as well as check inventory in real-time. In particular, field technician efficiency has improved as they are now automatically notified on their mobile devices of new job requests and have access to all relevant account and geo information on-the-go.

Finally, the SAP integration has automated the nightly data upload, replacing a previously manual and error-prone process.

For more information on Sirco Machinery’s implementation journey take a look at: Salesforce’s case study.

“We decided to replace our custom field service management solution at Sirco in 2016 and kicked off a project with AppCentrica in the fall. As the General Manager and Owner of Sirco I became fully immersed in the project, working with AppCentrica and my own managers and technicians to ensure we built a system that we could all use. I am delighted with the transition to Salesforce and the depth of functionality it offers. I am excited that we now have access to data for analytics and more visibility into daily operations. Overall, I was very impressed with the AppCentrica team, particularly Charles and Shrey who were highly responsive. I would recommend AppCentrica for Field Service Lightning implementations.”

Tammy Vertkas, General Manager, Sirco Machinery

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