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Society Of Sharing


  • Not-for-profit
  • Volunteer Organization

Project Features

  • Nonprofit Cloud

Project Outcomes

  • Volunteering Onboarding
  • Volunteering Scheduling

About Society of Sharing

In operation since 1981, Society Of Sharing is a Toronto based non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life of isolated senior citizens and adults living with disabilities. They have a substantial network of volunteers and offer a wide array of programs and services including visitation programs, shopping escort programs, telephone support and socialization services.


Since its inception, Society Of Sharing had relied largely on Excel spreadsheets to log, track and schedule volunteer activities. Although effective, this method of data storage was both time consuming and error prone. As well, compiling monthly reports for the board of advisors was becoming increasingly difficult as the organization continued to grow.


As part of an initiative to modernize their internal systems, Society Of Sharing made the decision to implement Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.

AppCentrica was engaged to help Society of Sharing implement the solution, configure it to best suit their business requirements and provide training on the platform.

Additionally, AppCentrica built out further customizations to help Society Of Sharing optimize the critical features they required, including: volunteer recruitment tracking, storing and distributing volunteer onboarding information, and scheduling.


Since adopting Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Society Of Sharing has experienced tremendous success.

All volunteer operations are now handled entirely within Salesforce. Management no longer needs to rely on a series of manual and time-consuming processes and ultimately Society Of Sharing can spend more time focusing on the delivery of their essential services.

“As a small non-profit organization, our needs differ from those in many other industries. We engaged AppCentrica to configure the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack to help us manage our growing volunteer program, and the team was able to build out a completely customized solution to suit our unique goals.

The AppCentrica team went above and beyond to ensure our business and reporting requirements were accounted for. They did an amazing job of communicating timelines, training us on the platform, and providing options at each step of the process. They were patient and responsive to our needs. I am confident we now have a back-office solution that will enable us to manage our volunteer program much more effectively. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Mariza Garcia, Executive Director, Society of Sharing

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