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Supercharged Field Service Management


  • Utilities
  • Engineering

Project Features

  • Enterprise Technology Roadmap
  • Enterprise Platform Integration
  • Business Solution Design
  • Project Management
  • Data Migration

Project Outcomes

  • Consolidated Financial Reporting Capabilities
  • Reduced Reliance on Manual Effort


Spark Power Corp is a leading independent provider of integrated power solutions. Publicly traded on the TSX, Spark and its many subsidiaries, including Bullfrog Power – one of Canada’s leading green energy providers – offer a diverse range of specialized energy services.

As Spark Power continued to grow it acquired a series of smaller companies. In doing so, Spark inherited a legacy custom developed field service management and resource planning platform called NESI. While the platform was absolutely critical for the efficient operation of the low-voltage business division, the platform had become increasingly difficult to manage, extend, support, and integrate. Most notably, NESI lacked an integration with Spark Power’s financial management system, Oracle NetSuite. This drawback was particularly cumbersome as Spark’s financial teams lacked a consolidated view of financial data, and relied on a series of manual and often error prone tasks to pull the required data.


Recognizing that the continued utilization of NESI in its current form was no longer an option, Spark Power engaged AppCentrica to provide consultation support and develop an enterprise transformation roadmap. This initial engagement was largely focused around exploring optimal ways to leverage NESI, as well as analyzing Spark’s many different lines of business to identify areas where AI and predictive technologies could drive improved business outcomes.

After months of comprehensive business analysis and consultation support, NESI was deemed too important to fully transition away from. Instead, Spark shifted its focus to developing a series of system enhancements to address its limitations. AppCentrica was retained to design and deliver the first of these many system enhancements, a custom integration with Oracle NetSuite.

As the lead developer for this project, AppCentrica was responsible for defining both the end-to-end business and technical solutions for the integration of NESI and NetSuite. The business solution was comprised of a one-time migration of inflight transactions (e.g. work orders, purchase orders, invoices, bills) to the integrated solution, and the steady state (post migration) integration of the two systems. The technical solution required AppCentrica to define the integration architecture, source-to-target mapping and deliver a set of services that move data between NESI and NetSuite for both migration and steady state.


The completed integration between NESI and NetSuite has provided immense value. Spark Power’s financial teams now have extended visibility and can generate financial reports exclusively within NetSuite and without the reliance on a series of arduous processes. As well, the integration has allowed Spark to actually expand its usage of NESI to service other lines of business, therein driving additional value from the system itself. AppCentrica continues to work with Spark Power as their trusted IT partner.

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