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Toronto CIO event: Integrating Digital

AppCentrica’s Chief Architect, Ken Kitamura, presents at the Toronto CIO Forum.

As a proud sponsor of a recent Toronto CIO Forum, AppCentrica’s Ken Kitamura spoke on the evolution and transformation of integration architectures, as well as the factors driving this change. The presentation focused on understanding how Microservices act as an evolutionary improvement over SOA, and help meet the emerging needs of the enterprise.

“Digital Transformation is driving the need to connect systems, businesses, people, tools, and things…quickly” says Kitamura,“under a Microservice paradigm, developers can pick and choose individual programming elements with a much higher degree of precision, granularity, and ease. This allows software to be delivered more quickly and more reliably – which is exactly what people want and expect.”

We’d like to thank all those that attended the session.

The full presentation can be viewed here


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