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Turkstra Lumber


  • Retail
  • Construction

Project Features

  • Sales Cloud
  • Web-to-Lead
  • LiveChat

Project Outcomes

  • Increased lead creation by 21%
  • Increased closed-won opportunities by 35%

About Turkstra Lumber

Family owned and operated, Turkstra has been serving Southern Ontario and the Niagara Peninsula for over 60 years. With 11 locations Turkstra provides a complete range of products for individuals and contractors in the home building, renovation and commercial construction industries.


Turkstra Lumber established a Customer Service Branch (CSB) with the goal of centralizing customer support but the team was burdened by a series of manual processes and did not have a toolset capable of servicing a high volume of customer requests. The result was longer wait times for customers and considerable forgone revenue. Additionally, Turkstra sells to many one-off customers that do not opt in to their membership program. Turkstra was therefore seeking a way to better identify the purchasing habits of these customers and to incentivize them for repeat business.


AppCentrica implemented Sales Cloud to enhance the customer support experience and capture lead information. Outlook and LiveChat integrations were built out to better streamline the existing customer support process. All correspondence with customers is now documented within Salesforce, enabling customer support reps to stay organized and giving management added visibility into employee activity. Additionally, the Web-to-Lead feature was configured to give customers and prospects an additional channel to engage with Turkstra via their website.


With more lead-capturing channels, Turkstra Lumber increased their monthly lead creation rate by 21%. This surge in lead creation coupled with improved visibility and a more streamlined follow up process has led to a 35% increase in closed business. In addition, Turkstra is now actively capturing data on one-off customers who do not opt-in to their membership program. These new data points have allowed for more accurate forecasting, the ability to better identify purchasing factors, and serve as a starting point for additional outreach efforts. Finally, a singular consolidated source of data has improved the effectiveness of the customer service branch. Reps no longer need to spend time sifting through reports and physical documents and can prioritize better serving the customer.

“We worked with AppCentrica to implement Salesforce into our Customer Service Branch. Mitch was amazing to work with as he helped us identify how to encourage user adoption. AppCentrica’s ability to highlight the correct way to display the metrics, reports and dashboards we wanted, as well as being able to explain how our team can use this functionality to grow our business and increase customer satisfaction has been the key to making salesforce fun and easy for our team to use. We immediately began to see results and have a much better handle on the everything our customer service branch is processing. Thank you, Mitch, and AppCentrica.”

Dave Ovcjak, General Manager, Turkstra Lumber

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