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Developing Evidence Capture & Audio Recording Technology


  • Technology
  • IT Services

Project Features

  • Custom Application Development
  • Custom Integrations
  • UI/UX Design
  • Project Management

Project Outcomes

  • MobileMic Mobile Application
  • AI Assist Artificial Intelligence Platform


VIQ Solutions is a global technology platform for ultra-secure digital evidence capture and document-creation workflow management. Powered by artificial intelligence, their award-winning digital capture software is at the forefront of audio recording and digital transcription capabilities and is primarily used by legal, medical and law enforcement professionals.


AppCentrica was engaged to build two new solutions for VIQ as part of an initiative to launch their next generation product line.

The first solution, MobileMic, is a custom developed mobile application primarily for use in the law enforcement, insurance, medical, and legal fields. The solution enables users to utilize their smart phone to capture high-quality, secure digital audio/video recordings.

The second solution, AI Assist, is VIQ’s automated transcription platform. The solution combines natural language processing and speech-to-text capabilities to produce highly accurate transcriptions in a fraction of the time that can be achieved by human transcribers.

For both projects AppCentrica served as the lead developer and designer. As well, AppCentrica provided ongoing support to help VIQ better leverage AI to drive additional business value and directly developed a series of critical integrations with third-party systems that utilize machine-learning and natural language processing techniques.


The two new solutions have enabled VIQ to further solidify itself as an industry leader in evidence capture and audio recording technology. The end result has been increased profitability for VIQ and the ability for their users to create high quality transcriptions much faster than they previously could have.

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