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White Water Rafting on the Ottawa River

This past weekend was our annual summer social event where we once again sojourned out east to try to tame the Ottawa River.

Despite a hellacious drive through a crazy thunderstorm and a tree falling on the power lines at the resort (knocking out all the power to our cabins), the weather on Saturday was absolutely perfect.

With several white water rafting newbies in our midst, we set off down river heading for the first – and biggest – rapid of the day, Phil’s Hole.  And promptly ate it.  We were a 12-man boat going in and a 6-man boat coming out.  It was EPIC.

Raft tipping in rapids

As a testament to the value we bring our clients, our Project Recovery skills were in full effect as we quickly picked up our fallen comrades in time to make the next rapid less than 100 feet away.  Total casualties: one paddle, Juliana’s sunglasses, and both lenses for Adrian’s sunglasses – but not the frames!

This set the tone for what was a really enjoyable day on the water.  More rapids, more swimming (the voluntary kind), some surfing (also known as “controlled drowning”), and a little light cliff jumping off of a 20 foot boulder.  Unfortunately, this would also see the mysterious demise of whatever was left of Adrian’s shades.

All of the white water rafting action can be viewed in its glorious detail at

We would also like to welcome Juliana to the club of company daredevils brave enough to jump off of a perfectly good 150′ construction crane.

Juliana bungee jumping

Thanks to all who came out and made it a memorable trip.  Looking forward to next time!


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