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Yonge Street Mission (YSM) goes live with new microsite for charitable clothing drive program

The Yonge Street Mission has been on the front lines of service since 1896, providing emergency help, and fostering long-term change in the lives of individuals, families and the community itself.

Through over 100 various programs and services, YSM has faithfully served the people of Toronto with compassion and dignity, helping those in need turn their lives around.

“The Longest PATH Underground Walkway Clothing Drive and Sale” was born 16 years ago out of a need to supply the Yonge Street Mission’s Double Take Store with a lifeline of affordable clothing for the community. Since then, the Clothing Drive has expanded throughout the Toronto Underground PATH system to 18 different clothing drop-off locations.

Not only does the Double Take Store provide stable jobs for community members, it also offers affordable clothing to residents in Toronto’s low-income communities. Every year, Double Take gives out roughly $56,000 in gift cards to community members, enabling them to shop with pride and hope.

In December 2013, YSC launched a new microsite designed and delivered by AppCentrica. The new microsite is based on a WordPress platform, and it allows YSM staff to easily and securely manage content, administer volunteer requests, and maintain links to social media pages.

Sally Ritchie, YSM’s Manager of Marketing and Communications, commented, “We were very impressed with the final product AppCentrica developed. The design is appealing and professional and the site works really well.”

AppCentrica’s co-founding partner, Rob Lokinger, added, “We were honoured to support the work of the Yonge Street Mission. By donating our time and expertise to build and launch the YSM Clothing Drive microsite we believe we can make a difference to people’s lives and provide our staff a chance to give back to our community.”


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